Trainers (shoes)


This week I shall be reviewing…. Trainers

Looking particularly at the notion of trainers as fashion. I appear to be old fashioned- the last trainers I brought were Adidas, it took about half an hour to chose as decided to go alone and figure out what I wanted. It was intimidating, I kept on remembering what my parents said. I longed for them to be there. They would know what I wanted. I was at a sports shop and was looking for trainers for comfort and physical training and workouts. They had to be sturdy stuff.

I did not buy my trainers simply to wear as a fashionable object, or whatever you call it. I have never thought of buying trainers for that purpose until I entered into University. The idea for this post came for 2 incidents. 1 with my dearest friend who showed me some Nike trainers she had just brought. They had a old looking style to them which confused me. Why make them look old? Why couldn’t you enjoy both the new looking appearance and then the old ‘wear and tear’ bit? Perhaps because they are so expensive you probably will not get to the old looking style for a very long time?

She also told me the price- £60. She said it casually like spending £60 on trainers was a normal thing to do. Which is half correct. I guess if they were going to be used for some type of exercise, then £60 could give you the winning edge. I remember the workouts, the reps, the ongoing circuits of running. With all the pain, having uncomfortable trainers would probably just make me cry and give up. But no- these £60 trainers were being used as shoes. Simply things that you wear all day or another amount of time.


The shows above are £86.95 look like trainers which Marty in Back to the Future would wear, very useful when he was running and stuff. 

The other occasion which made me feel unaware of the new situation of the trainers was when I was at the student bar. So someone was talking to another (as conversations go) and someone complimented her trainers.She said thanks (as you do) and went on talking about them. She said how they were really expensive, they look alright, but not very comfortable. Now this didn’t make sense to me. trainers that were not comfortable? That doesn’t exist does it? They are like heaven when they are really new, like walking on… marshmallows or pillows. So she spent loads on it, and they don’t even ‘work’ properly. Why? Why would you buy them? She has loads of them as well, like one trainer was not good enough. I only have 1 pair and they only cost £20.

I think at the end of the day I just don’t understand. Maybe things have gone haywire. Shoes which were meant for 1 thing can be used for anything else. One day high heels might be used for running, allows for longer paces or something.   


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